Workout Zones – Zone 3

Zone 3 workoutsReady to break a sweat? Do a zone 3 workout – these will usually combine weights with cardio and will work up your endurance and really challenge you. Breathing should still not be too intense, but you will be limited in conversation to short sentences. They can be called a “comfortable hard”. You get a good workout, it’s challenging, but you aren’t ready to fall down at the end from exhaustion.

All exercises listed for zones 1 and 2 can be modified to fit in Zone 3. A walk can be changed into a jog or a run; a slow swim can turn into a more intense swim through strokes or adding weights. Most people will actually move between Zones 3 and 2 as they exercise. Remember that high intensity is the key. It doesn’t mean just going fast.

Most trainers will actually recommend no more than three days per week at a Zone 3 level. It is recommended also, that at least one workout per week should include some interval training. Which is where you move from Zone 1 or 2 to Zone 3 and then back again.

Cardio exercises are like a gift to your heart. As you workout your heart rate increases and therefore the blood flow. As your endurance increases the heart has to work less to achieve the same flow of oxygen. Remember, however, that if you are not active currently, be sure to ease into Zone 3, and don’t start there. Always remember to warm up slowly and cool down gradually.

While on the Liquid Amino Diet – doing any zone 3 workout means you should be following the ACTIVE protocol. Health coaches are available to help you make that transition at 1-800-980-7208. 

Author: Liquid Amino Diet Certified Health Coach Kim L. 

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