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Zone 2 WorkoutsSomewhere between a stroll around the neighborhood and a dripping sweat work out there is a middle ground called Zone 2. This is a more intense cardio workout than Zone 1. Something that you cannot maintain indefinitely, but notice that you are tiring after a period of time. While most can still converse in this stage, your breathing will be heavier and you should have that heart rate up to the point that you are sweating.

Any of the workouts listed for Zone 1 (walking, elliptical, etc.) can be turned into a Zone 2 workout by increasing the length and intensity of the workout. The tricky thing on the Liquid Amino Diet is deciding when that workout should boost you up to the Active Protocols.

Once you are in Zone 2 for your workout and your workout lasts for 60 minutes or longer, you should begin following the Active Protocols. These include extra calories and drops to help support your body when expending more calories.

When walking, you can begin to increase your speed and distance and turn it into a Zone 2 workout. If you choose swimming, you can increase your time and the speed of the strokes to get into a Zone 2 workout. You can also add weights to a water aerobic workout to move into a Zone 2.

One great way to stay in a Zone 2 for your workout is interval training. This combines spurts of high intensity aerobics followed by rest or low activity exercises. For instance, you can jog for ten minutes and then walk for ten minutes and then jog again, etc. Another example would be using a treadmill where you walk and then switch to walking on an incline and back to level.

Remember to create a workout goal and schedule out your workouts so you have a goal in mind. If you miss a day, try to find some extra time and fit it in another day. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do miss a day or you will eventually stop doing it altogether. Realize that it happens to the best of us and move on. Also a good idea is to find something you enjoy doing. This will help you to stick to your workout program and find success.

Health coaches are available to walk you through the zones and help you bump up to the ACTIVE protocol if needed, at 1-800-980-7208. 

Author: Liquid Amino Diet Health Coach Kim L. 

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