Workout Zones For The Liquid Amino Diet

What are the workout zones on the Amino DietKnowing when to follow the regular protocol and when to follow the ACTIVE protocol can be confusing.  The book says that a zone one workout is fine while following the regular protocol. You can also do a 20-30 minute zone 2 workout on the regular protocol. If you do a 60 minute zone 2 workout or ANY zone 3 workout, you must follow the Liquid Amino Diet ACTIVE plan. So how do you know which zone you are in?  Here is some more information about how to know which zone you are working out in:

  • Zone 1   – This is usually a warm up type zone. You will elevate your heart rate slightly, but this is something you could almost do indefinitely. You should be able to easily converse and breathe through your nose.  This range would include a nice/easy 20-30 minute walk and is a great way to get out of the house and get your blood circulating.
  • Zone 2  – This is a more intense cardio workout. Something that you cannot maintain indefinitely, but notice that you are tiring after a period of time. While most can still converse in this stage, your breathing will be heavier and you should have that heart rate up to the point that you are sweating.
  • Zone 3  – These workouts will usually combine weights with cardio and will work up your endurance and really challenge you. Breathing should still not be too intense, but you will be limited in conversation to short sentences.

Breathing is a good way to tell where you are with your workouts.  Make sure, if you are following the Liquid Amino Diet Active plan that you are keeping your workouts intense enough.  You should be working up a sweat, but not getting your heart rate up so much that your breathing becomes difficult.  If you do that, you will see fabulous results and be able to increase your metabolism by increasing your muscle.  Feel free to contact our Health Coaches if you have questions, 1-800-980-7208.

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