Why Fitness Alone Is No Guarantee

Diet and Exercise

If you’ve decided to start exercising and get in shape, that’s awesome, we’re here to help you! Just keep in mind that food is still a powerful element in your life. Being overweight means that you are used to eating a lot, of whatever you might fancy. Or worse, depriving yourself of essential foods and nutrients that you binge eat. Exercise is not to be used as a compensation method. An hour of exercise in the morning, does not give you license to eat a box of donuts for lunch. If you’re constantly exercising, but ignoring your diet – your metabolism is off balance.

It can only work in harmony when you are putting in the right fuel, and spending your energy on daily exercise. You have to burn calories in order to lose weight. It can be very frustrating when you’re exercising like mad, and no weight is coming off your body. You need to see accelerated weight loss in order to feel motivated and prepared for your next challenge. De-motivation happens when you put in a lot of effort, and see no results.

All that your metabolism wants from you, is a chance to work as efficiently as it can. Your body shouldn’t be against you, yet modern life has made it that way. Not eating properly will actually stunt your exercise routine. There will be more calories to burn, you’ll feel more tired and things will fall apart.

Food and exercise need to become your new mantra. For weight loss to exist there can’t be one without the other. Don’t make it hard for yourself to succeed!

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