What is the Cost of the Liquid Amino Diet?

How much to do Amino Diet?We often get asked if you can save money on this program versus eating “normally”. So, we looked into it and here is what we found.

The average person on the Liquid Amino Diet will spend anywhere from $112-$130 per week or $450-$520 per month depending on what foods they choose to eat and what part of the country they are from. This happens because if you are in the middle of the country, you would spend more on fresh seafood than a person on the east coast, while the person on the east coast might spend more on fresh fruits and vegetables. This also varies by the food choices you make. Foods produced locally are going to be cheaper than those that are shipped in, so try to stick to those when choosing your menu item.

Here are a couple of links to some other articles we have about eating on the diet and saving money. Remember that prices do depend on the area you live. http://www.liquidaminodiet.com/liquid-amino-diet-dollars-and-sense/  and http://www.liquidaminodiet.com/liquid-amino-diet-on-a-budget/  are great articles to help you keep costs down. Remember also that your choice of supplements can affect the cost of the diet as well.

In contrast, the average person not on the diet spends about $71.50 per week on groceries or $286 per month. However, that does not include the average of $52 per month on fast food, $172 per month on eating out, and $32 per month on alcoholic beverages, which would be a grand total of $542 per month. These averages will vary by the amount of alcohol you consume, the frequency of eating out, etc. Just keep in mind they are averages.

Given the averages of each, that would bring the average savings to about $19 for someone being on the Liquid Amino Diet. However, that doesn’t include the health benefits and lower health care costs which results from eating a healthy diet and being at a healthy weight. Remember that we are looking for long term health for those on the Liquid Amino Diet. We hope that you will take what you learn while on the diet and use it for the rest of your life to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

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