What is Pink Slime?

Consuming a diet based primarily on processed meats can be harmful to your overall health in addition to wreaking havoc on your waistline.  Recent studies have shown heart disease, prostate cancer, gout, and diabetes linked to diets with high in questionable meats people devour.

Many of us are familiar with green slime seen on television game shows, but do you know of the pink slim filler (can often be identified in products by their unnaturally pink appearance)? This is a low quality; industrial byproduct that is derived from miscellaneous animal bits and pieces found in the facility it was processed in and later sprayed with ammonia and used as a filler in processed meats.

Even more alarming, this ‘secret ingredient’ is not required to be put on the label as it ironically meets USDA standards. Roughly, 70% of ground beef supplied by your local grocer contains this unfortunate component. There is a similar stuffing commonly found in poultry that is known as white slime or altered chicken. This is used as filler for things like chicken nuggets and even your pet’s dog food.

On a hopeful note, a handful of conscious retailers have terminated Pink Slime from their shelves. A few of these include, Publix, Whole Foods Market, Safeway and Costco! Its reasons like this why we stress purchasing wild caught, organic, and natural products. Search out companies that ensure the quality and the safety of the item purchased. Your health is worth the small price increase.

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