What is Cross-training Fitness?

ExcerciseWe have all heard this term, especially when spoken by coaches, personal trainers and athletes yet we might not always understand what this actually means.

Cross-training, also known as “cross-fitness”, means to train in different way in order to improve the overall fitness level of a person.  Its purpose is to utilize the particular benefits of one training method, while attempting to avoid any pitfalls by combining it with other methods that focus on its weaknesses.

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to cross-train.  For example, assume a woman loves to ride her bike every day after work.  She is thin, in overall good health and feels great.  Then one day she decides to take a mountain hike with her friend.  She comes home that evening feeling like she has been hit by a truck and can barely climb the stairs to her bedroom.  What happened?  Well, while her endurance was good for the sort of bike riding she does in her neighborhood – and she burns calories – she has done absolutely no weight-bearing exercises and has little experience walking or climbing up steep hills.    Her joints and muscles are still out of shape because the type of exercise she has been getting does not use work these things as well as walking, hiking or playing tennis.  Cross-training would allow her to get her exercise while working different muscles in different groups and patterns, going through a wider range of muscles than she otherwise endures and thereby improving overall muscular density, bone health and fitness.

If we are out of shape, it is perfectly OK to start losing weight, improving health and building endurance by focusing on one or two simple exercises, such as walking or riding a bike.  As we lose weight and start having more energy, it is a good idea to add other exercises in order to work additional bones and muscles and improve our overall health and fitness levels.  Some combination of weight-bearing, resistance and flexibility exercises are ideal in order to get the most out of our workouts and better health.

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