What Exactly Is Metabolic Syndrome?

What is metabolic syndrome?Have you ever heard of Metabolic Syndrome? If not, then it’s time you did! According to the American Heart Association over 47 million Americans have this syndrome. Incidentally, all of these sufferers are overweight. Metabolic Syndrome can be defined as a group of symptoms or risk factors that may result in chronic heart disease or diabetes. So it’s not a disease in itself, but a collection of symptoms that put the individual at risk for two of the most serious diseases known today.

The really scary thing is, that these 47 million Americans can do something about the fact that they are at risk of getting diabetes or heart disease. The American Heart Association states that insulin resistance, hypertension, high blood pressure, low HDL, cholesterol and hyperglycemia are all indicators of a standing Metabolic Syndrome diagnosis. Once diagnosed, the patient is urged to immediately lose weight and improve their lifestyle, or risk hospitalization and even death.

The Liquid Amino Diet (LAD) is a weight loss program designed to help you lose abnormal fat and reduce your chances of Metabolic Syndrome and chronic disease.  LAD was formulated with specific ingredients that have been shown to help mobilize fat, reduce hunger, speed metabolism and support your thyroid and liver.  Our Certified Health Coaches are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you along your way.  Call Toll Free 1-800-980-7208! You can also see what Tens of Thousands of people are saying about us at www.facebook.com/aminodiet 8)

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