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Weight Loss Diet: Missy is starting day 1 on round 2!

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2013

Some of you on here may know me and some of you may not. I have had great success with the Amino diet over the last couple of years. I started my journey at 230 lbs and while I was trying to watch what I ate, I still had taste buds. I tried to workout too, but I’m no gym junkie. I struggled with my weight and received a lot of concerned comments from my family. They hurt because I knew I had to do something I just didn’t know how, or what. One of my best friends then introduced me to HCG. A lot of people in the office were losing great amounts of weight on this diet. I decided to give it a shot. I dropped 30 lbs in the first session and felt amazing! I did another round with a coworker and lost another 17 lbs! At this point the company decided to switch to a healthier alternative; the Amino diet. At first I was bummed out because the HCG had worked so wonderfully, but I found the Amino diet to be not only as effective but a LOT easier to do. I had a hard time keeping the weight off after my last HCG round. I bumped back up 10lbs in a very short time. This typically happens with rapid weight loss so it was no surprise. So there I was at 190 freaking out because I didn’t want those first 30 lbs coming back!! I decided to try the Amino diet. Not only was the diet easier to do, but I felt great doing it! I tend to have a lot of stomach issues and food intolerance’s. I can’t take a lot of diet pills because of the caffeine or because they upset my guts. The Amino diet makes me feel wonderful and I drop weight. What could be better?!? The last round of Amino dropped me down to my lowest weight of 170!! 230 to 170!! Holy cow!! I unfortunately have recently lost my job and between being bummed out and sitting around I have gained quite a bit back. I’m not a happy camper about it and I’m ready to get rid of it! My goal? One round and a loss of 20lbs. I want to go back to my 170! I had kept it off for almost a year and I’m pretty sure if all of this wouldn’t have happened that it would still be off. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So here I go! Day one! I will keep you posted with pictures, weight and measurements. Because lets face it.. nothing works wonders for a diet like being held accountable by other dieters!!

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.

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Results may vary depending on your level of commitment, physical condition, lifestyle and diet.