Weight Loss and Your Hair

your hair and weight lossSome Amino Dieters are concerned about hair loss. Because our drops are homeopathic and have no side effects, any loss of hair is not from our LAD formulation. However, hair loss is common with any diet program or an increase in stress on the body. Don’t worry, the hair loss is temporary and will grow back once you hit your target weight.

Hair is naturally replaced every 4-5 years. During diets or times of high stress the hair follicles stop growing to conserve body resources. Once you reach your target weight or stop over- stressing the body the new hair growth pushes the old hair out of the follicle. You may have just as much hair as before but the new hair is shorter and will take time to grow. This process occurs constantly throughout our lives but goes at a more rapid pace during weight loss or times of high stress.

There are ways to help make your hair healthier and to prevent hair loss.  Protein is great for hair because the hair is made up of protein itself.  The Liquid Amino Diet requires you to eat five servings of protein a day.  This is great nutrition for your hair. Additional supplements that are recommended for healthy hair are; vitamin B, iron, folate, biotin, and zinc.  Supplementing them will not STOP the temporary hair loss while you diet since the hair loss is a normal part of your body’s reaction to losing the weight. However, it can help the hair grow in more fully and more healthy once you stop dieting/stressing the body. Call our health coaches at 800-980-7208 for more information.

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