How Weight Affects Our Vitality

Have you ever noticed that the more weight you gain, the more exhausted you feel? It doesn’t matter when you go to sleep, you always wake up feeling tired. The smallest of chores drains the energy right out of you. Coffee, vitamins and energy boosters never seem to work. It’s like you’re walking around in a haze. Muscle weakness, fatigue and irritability set in. You can’t seem to shake it! It’s not because you’re older, it’s because you’re overweight.

Excess weight is the enemy of leading a life brimming with vitality. Persistent tiredness affects one in ten people, and can lead to more unhealthy behaviors – like overeating, inactivity, oversleeping and depression.

You only need to be out of shape to be even more out of shape and eventually obese – it’s another terrible behavioral cycle. When you have to carry a lot of weight around with you, you burn energy fast. That means that you’re already low on energy when these bad behaviors begin.

Sleep apnea is a big cause of exhaustion for overweight people. While asleep, your breathing is interrupted, which prevents you from reaching a deep REM cycle. Instead you wake up feeling like you need to go back to sleep again, because you haven’t had enough quality rest. Weight also causes a decrease in muscle mass, and puts pressure on your heart – which results in a permanent weakness and fatigue that is very difficult to shake.

There is no doubt that weight affects your vitality. When you’re tired all the time you tend to make excuses not to do things, and inactivity takes over. Not getting enough exercise and eating more calories than you burn, is a dangerous situation for people that already suffer from obesity. Living a lifestyle like this will only lead to more rapid weight gain, and greater health problems down the track.

If you constantly feel depressed, de-motivated and unable to concentrate on the things that matter in your life – you need to start taking care of your body and the Liquid Amino Diet (LAD) is a great place to start. Your body needs metabolic energy to perform at its best, but it can’t while you have all this extra weight around your middle.

In order for your body to naturally replenish its energy stores, you need to become an active, healthier person. This means learning how to eat right first.  It’s important to know about low glycemic foods and how they positively influence the body by reducing inflammation and mobilizing unhealthy fat.

The Liquid Amino Diet combines daily supplementation of our exclusive Amino Diet Plus oral drops with low glycemic foods to produce rapid weight loss, speed up metabolism, and much more. This plan works for anyone who has just a few pounds to lose or has over 100 pounds to lose; and the best part is… you will keep it off.

The LAD is all about helping you look and feel great – something that is only possible when your body is working with you to be healthier, younger and more attractive. When you lose weight the health of your skin improves, which reduces wrinkles and slows down the aging process. As your body regains energy, you’ll feel like you can tackle the world. This is a positive behavioral cycle, and will keep you losing weight and feeling good.

Our Health Coaches are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help get you started down the right path.  Just call Toll Free 1-800-980-7208 or visit our facebook page.

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