The Weigh In On Weighing In

Weighing in on Amino DietHi there Liquid Amino Diet team…listen up! You are all doing fantastic helping each other out and sharing your success. However, we want to address some posts in which people are concerned because their daily weight didn’t drop one day or increased a pound compared to yesterday’s weight. Sound familiar?  The Liquid Amino Diet is simply an amazing tool for quickly losing weight. We are not kidding when we tell people they can lose between half a pound to a pound per day. Compare that to the 2 pounds per week on Weight Watchers…

Our clients love to jump on the scale every day because the results are happening so quickly. We do recommend weighing yourself once daily in the morning as a reference, but do not be alarmed with the changes as it is natural for the body to shed the weight unevenly. Your body metabolizes your excess fat in different degrees depending on how you eat, how much sleep you got the night before, what kind of stress you are feeling, how much you drank, and many other factors.

Remember how many pounds you are averaging over the last week. Have you lost five, seven, or even ten pounds over the last week? Why beat yourself up when all of a sudden you go three days without losing anything? Your body is still in losing mode, and it is the final number that counts!

If you gain weight, first review your menu and activities of the day before. Maybe you tried something new that should be cut back out. However, the solution could be even simpler than that.  The human body is made up of over 70% water. A 1% fluctuation in weight can easily be attributed to water weight. Maybe you had a little too much salt and your body just decided to hang on to that extra water. The Liquid Amino Diet is not about losing water weight; it is about burning unwanted excess fat, and this is still happening even when you hold on to a pound or two of water compared to the day before.

Just remember that no matter what the scale says each day you are still losing fat, losing inches, and making a better you. Dr. Humble and the Liquid Amino Diet team are enjoying being a part of your weight loss journey, hearing your results, and seeing your transformations. Stay strong and keep posting your questions, results, and pictures.

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