Do You Wash Your Produce?

 Many of us have probably had some produce that tasted dirty; it even happens in restaurants. Statistics show that nearly 5,000 people die from foodborne illnesses every year and over 250,000 are hospitalized (including Escherichia Coli or E.coli). In today’s technologically advanced society our food has become, in many cases, a science experiment with dozens of synthetic chemicals and dyes that you would never find in your garden.

Many of these foods are modified and even have pesticides genetically embedded in them to discourage pests (like tiny bugs you sometimes find on produce in the garden) and to keep the colors vibrant. In fact, if you were to wander around an organic farm you would find no two apples that are alike. That is almost the exact opposite of genetically modified (GMO) or mass produced produce were you might be hard pressed to find a piece of produce that is unique shaped.

We recommend purchasing organic whenever possible to cut back on the amount of pesticides and herbicides. Organic is not always an option, however, so  follow these steps to clean your produce:

  1. Fill your sink with warm water
  2.  Add ¼-cup vinegar (Make sure that the vinegar is diluted in enough water because if it’s too strong, it can change the taste of your sensitive produce.)
  3. Soak your harder shell veggies and your fruits for 15 minutes
  4. Rinse thoroughly
  5. Rinse your sink after the soak to remove bacteria.

Dozens of studies indicate that using a diluted vinegar mixture to clean your produce removes the most bacteria when compared to other methods such as scrubbing, spraying, or using abrasive products. In addition to removing bacteria, cleaning your produce also prevents mold from forming so quickly.

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