Walking and its Benefits

walking with friendsMany people think you need to do a rigorous workout to get any type of health benefit. Most of us forget the one thing we do every day, walking! Walking has many benefits that may surprise you. It is something you do all day every day that will help you get in shape and get healthy.

Here is a list of walking benefits, they may surprise you.

  • Walking Helps Reduce your Chance for Type 2 Diabetes: Some studies have come out saying walking can reduce your chance of type 2 diabetes.  Including those who are insulin resistant or at a higher risk for getting the disease. One British study found that people, who walk on a more regular basis, have improved insulin sensitivity.
  • Saves Money!: Many people think to get fit and healthy they have to spend a high amount of money for a gym membership. This is not necessarily true! No matter where you are you can always walk and burn calories. Going on walks can have the same benefit as the gym, plus you save money!
  • Lifts your Spirit!: Walking can also be a stress reducer. Just taking a half-hour walk can reduce the stress of everyday life. It can help you clear your head so you can become relaxed.

Now that you know some benefits, why not help yourself by planning a routine.

  • Have the right apparel: Make sure you are wearing comfortable walking shoes. Having the right shoes can make a difference between you sticking with walking or not. Choose a shoe that has comfortable support and cushion for your feet.
  • Take it slow: For the first little bit you want to make sure you are not over-doing it. Plan your course ahead of time so you know you are not doing anything too rigorous. Also, avoid heavy traffic areas, potholes, and sidewalk with cracks. The Mayo Clinic also recommends the proper technique.
  • Stretch: Before and after you walk or exercise, remember to warm up and stretch the muscles. There is no need for injury.

Remember walking is a very useful exercise. Walking is something we do every day but may not see the benefits. It can be something as simple as parking further away from the store or work. Try walking and see how it changes your fitness and health! If you have questions about this or any diet questions you can contact our Health Coaches toll free at; 1-800-980-7208. You can also visit us on Facebook at; www.facebook.com/aminodiet.

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