Variety While on The Liquid Amino Diet

Variety of flavor on the Amino DietJust because you are cutting back on calories it’s no excuse to cut back on flavor! Get creative and remember that low calorie foods are your friends and lettuce is a FREE food. You can eat more of these foods for the same calorie count and sometimes those extra few bites may be just enough to get you past the mental reprogramming stage at the beginning of The Liquid Amino diet.

You may need to push yourself to think outside of what you are used to eating and how you are used to preparing food. If you stick with this, you will be astounded at just how much your personal eating habits will improve. You know you’re on the right track when you begin to crave an apple with stevia and cinnamon, and shun the sight of curly fries! Clean and healthy food tastes great and makes your body function more efficiently!

A few suggestions to ensure success…

  1. Be sure that you’re eating enough food. The Amino Diet drops can act as an appetite suppressant and people often do not feel like eating. This can be disastrous to your weight loss. These guidelines are in place to keep the diet healthy and safe.
  2.  For cooking, use olive oil or coconut oil. These oils are more stable and don’t have the health risks associated with hydrogenated processed saturated fats. (Never cook with flax oil and be sure to refrigerate it and any dressings you make with it.)
  3. Don’t let your food get too bland! Use spices to keep your food from being too bland. Fresh made salsa (with no sugar added) is a great tool to spice up many foods while also counting towards your vegetables for the day. You can find hundreds of recipes on our website at
  4. Double check your labels! Avoid foods with MSG. They can damage the hunger sensors in the hypothalamus so that the brain thinks you are hungry, causing you to eat more food. Remember that MSG has dozens of names on food packaging – check out to find out more.

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