Try Leisure Instead Of Medicine!

Leisure instead of Medication“Play” or leisure is an important part of a person’s health. It renews our spirit, gives us clarity of thought, life satisfaction and benefits blood pressure. For our physical, mental, spiritual and cognitive health, “leisure time should be a necessity, not a luxury.” Leisure is anything that brings personal enjoyment to individuals and allows them to recharge. It can include: puzzles, a walk, a sport etc., as long as it fits this criteria:

  • Be freely chosen
  • Provide satisfaction and adventure
  • Arouse interest
  • Require a commitment
  • Serve as a sense of separation or escape
  • Be pleasurable (this is the most important requirement)

Life is meant to be enjoyed! You have the power inside you to do anything you’d like to do or be anyone you’d like to be! The Liquid Amino Diet can help you lose weight and be a great kick start to living a long and healthy life.  If you need help changing your diet and starting a workout program… we can help.  Our Health Coaches are available 7 day a week to answer your questions and help you make that first step.  Call them Toll Free at 1-800-980-7208 or visit our website at

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