Transitioning to Phase 2

Transitioning to Phase 2Once you complete phase 1 of The Liquid Amino Diet, there tends to be a mixture of anxiety and excitement when entering the next phase.  Many people are ecstatic with their losses but terrified of gaining it back, now that the comfort of following a strict diet is gone.  During this phase you are no longer required to take the Amino Diet Plus drops, although we do recommend it, so you can continue to get the benefits of the formulation. On average 5-10 more pounds can be lost in these 21 days. There is a little more leeway as to what you can eat, and of course – you are going to slowly increase your calories to 1,500 daily.  The best way to do this is by adding 250 calories per day over a two day period. Continue eating a protein with each meal and at least one healthy fat per day. It is also a great habit to continue consuming one scoop of protein powder daily – as it adds many amino acids to your diet. There is no set approved foods list for this phase but there are some guidelines you can follow. You can still eat all the foods from the approved foods list in phase 1 and you may also add:

  • All nuts, fruits, and vegetables, with the exception of bananas, potatoes, and corn.
  • All dairy is allowed (mayo is not a dairy), however, avoid any dairy with hormones and avoid low fat dairy. Remember that healthy fat is good for you. This means you can also have butter – but NO margarine.
  • Different proteins are now available to you but again – stay away from processed meats, farmed fish, and fried chicken.
  • You can have one small daily serving of regular, unsweetened oatmeal. Try blending it with a fruit into your protein shake!
  • 2 slices of whole grain bread per day are allowed. Remember to avoid anything white!

Exercise is strongly encouraged. During this phase if you do workout extremely hard or for over 90 minutes, you may need to increase your calories up to 1750 daily. Listen to your body and never let it go hungry. If you are feeling hungry it can be a sign that your body is in starvation mode.

If you want to lose more weight when you have finished phase 2 of the diet, then you can begin again with phase 1. You do not need to prepare your body again, as you won’t have the sugars and starches in your system to detox. Just jump right into phase 1 and enjoy the weight loss! However, if you feel that you are at an optimal weight for your body you can then move into phase 3, which is learning how to make the Amino Diet a lifestyle.

Health coaches are available to help you through this phase at 1-800-980-7208. Most important… don’t over stress it! Be proud of what you’ve already accomplished and enjoy moving on!

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