Tips To Avoid Bad Posture

Our “High Tech” society is causing major problems with our posture.  Next time you’re “out and about”, look at the posture of the average American.  Most have what we call an anterior weight bearing posture.  Meaning the shoulders and head have moved forward from the body causing “the hump” at that top of your back.  This posture is caused, primarily, from too much time at the computer.  If left alone, it can cause major problems; headaches, neck pain, carpal tunnel, degenerative joints and even bulging disks!

So How Do You Fix It?

The key is to stretch your chest muscles and strengthen your back muscles.  By doing these two simple things your shoulders will start to come back to their normal posture and your head will come back in line with the body, taking pressure off the spinal nerves and restoring the natural cervical curve.

It’s important to stretch the muscle opposite the one you are strengthening if that muscle is tight or overly-contracted.  The best way to start is to take a break from the forward “Computer Posture”, every hour or two.  Sit back in your chair and squeeze your shoulder blades together until the muscles start to ache.  Do it several times and then put your arms behind your body and stretch your chest muscles.

At the gym, find exercises that will strengthen the back; pull-ups, lat pull downs, rowing machines, etc.  Try to strengthen the back twice as much as you strengthen the chest. Once your strengthening is done, then stretch the chest. Try it!

Health coaches are available to answer questions at 1-800-980-7208.

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