The Myth About “Sit-ups”

Sit upsDon’t be fooled by diet aids or exercise equipment that claim to “burn belly fat,” get you “six-pack abs” or gain “Michelle Obama arms:” “spot reduction” and “spot training” are myths.  There is no way to target fat loss on a specific part of your body.  The only way to trim fat from any part of the body is to reduce your overall body fat content or body mass index (BMI).

You can do crunches forever without seeing rippled abs.  The crunches might build and tone those muscles but you won’t see the rippled effect until you remove the fat layer obscuring them.

The best way to lose fat around the belly or thighs is to work large muscle groups.  Larger muscles require more energy for the body to maintain and use, resulting in a higher metabolism. When your metabolism is higher you’ll start losing  fat.

Don’t get me wrong…  strengthening your abs is extremely important, it’s just not the best way to lose fat around the belly. Remember, that you can exercise mildly on the  Liquid Amino Diet plan or choose to follow the ACTIVE plan and workout at a higher level. The health coaches can help you tailor the plan to fit your needs at 1-800-980-7208.

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