Thanksgiving Dinner on the Amino Diet

Recipes for dieters on Thanksgiving

The approaching holiday season can be scary for someone on a diet. Since Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated with food, the tradition we look forward to most is the big “Thanksgiving Feast”. However, the typical holiday foods tend to have a lot of calories in them which can cause weight gain. Here is a list of the typical foods for Thanksgiving dinner with the average amount of calories:

  • Turkey ( ounces) – 183 calories (this is allowed on protocol and can be used as a protein)
  • Ham (6 ounces) – 300 calories
  • Gravy (½ cup) – 150 calories
  • Cranberry sauce (1/2 cup) – 150 calories
  • Green bean casserole (1/2 cup) – 200 calories
  • Mashed Potatoes (½ cup) – 150 calories
  • One roll- 100 calories
  • Sweet Potatoes with marshmallows and brown sugar (1/2 cup) – 250 calories
  • Stuffing (1/2 cup) – 170 calories
  • Pie- 200-500 calories

The total amount of calories from this typical thanksgiving dinner is around 2,000 calories. Since the Liquid Amino Diet does not have many of these foods on the approved list and less calories, we have a few recommended foods from our recipes that you can choose for your Thanksgiving dinner. Here are some recommended recipes you can substitute for the above foods on phase 1 of the Liquid Amino Diet.

Although many people focus on the traditional feast during the holiday, food is not the only component. There are many other important components for the holiday such as family meeting together, and showing gratitude for the things we have been blessed with. This year focus more on the meaning of thanksgiving and spending quality time with family and loved ones rather than the traditional feast.

To your health – Happy Thanksgiving from Liquid Amino Diet! Health coaches are available at 1-800-980-7208.

Author: Liquid Amino Diet Certified Health Coach Vivianna S. 

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