Tea and the Liquid Amino Diet

What kind of tea can you have on the Amino DietSupplementation with tea catechins (flavonoids) resulted in a significant reduction of high-fat diet-induced body weight gain and visceral and liver fat accumulation.
International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, 2002

Tea is a great tool to help you succeed on The Liquid Amino Diet. But there are many different kinds available. From chai tea to oolong and green tea, what are the benefits of drinking them while on the Amino Diet program?<!–more–>

  • Chai Tea is great on The Liquid Amino Diet program because it can help soothe your stomach as well as regulate your digestive system.
  • Oolong Tea can help burn fat and even help block the amount of fat that your body absorbs.
  • Green Tea is perhaps the most talked about and beneficial tea to any dieter. Why? There are many health benefits linked to green tea such as helping with kidney and liver diseases, fighting skin cancer, and acting as an energy booster. Bur for our purposes, one of the most important benefits is the ability to help speed up metabolism. Your metabolism helps regulate food, energy, toxins, basically anything that goes thru your body. The faster your metabolism is the better your body will be at processing all of these things, increasing your overall health. A faster metabolism will also mean that any food you eat will be absorbed and turned into energy quicker.

Tea can also help add flavor and variety to your menu and help you stick to the Liquid Amino Diet protocol. Health Coaches are available at 1-800-980-7208 to answer questions and help you succeed while on The Liquid Amino Diet.


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