Sweeteners, Seasonings, and Dining Out

Dining out on Amino DietMany agree that the key to succeeding on Liquid Amino Diet (LAD) or any diet – and not going crazy because of the restrictiveness of the food options- is to take full advantage of the proper use of sweeteners, seasonings. While it may be a challenge at first, doing your research to uncover the food options available in your area may be the secret between succeeding on the LAD diet and failing.


On the LAD diet no food items containing sugar are allowed. Traditional artificial sweeteners like Sweet-N-Low and Splenda can have some very negative side effects if used in large quantities.  Researchers have been working to discover and develop a new kind of sweetener void of such negative side effects.  One hot item that has recently been introduced to a wide market is the sweetener referred to as Stevia. Stevia is a zero calorie natural sweetener and has been around for centuries. You can use Stevia for a variety of recipes (not just to sweeten tea and coffee).  It can be added to dressings, on top of fruit, etc.  Stevia also comes in many different flavors, which means that you can have the opportunity to add even more flavor variety to your place while on the LAD diet.


Seasonings and lemon juice are some of the main things that you can use to cook with and flavor your foods, and most especially your meats.  While most basic seasonings are okay while on the LAD diet, some spice blends are not ok to use.  These blends are those that contain sugars or starches. Always check your label and look for things ending in –ose (except cellulose) or modified corn starch – avoid any spice blends that contain those ingredients. Also – avoid MSG as it will make you feel hungry and can lead to over eating.

Dining out

Many people go into the LAD diet with the notion that they cannot go out to eat without cheating on their diet.  This is not necessarily the case.  There are many healthy eating out options if you are willing to think creatively and make some special requests.  In some cases, eating out is less of a leisure activity and more of a necessary task.  If you find yourself in a restaurant, don’t panic!  There is always a healthy option.  For example, if you find yourself in a fast food restaurant, you can order a grilled chicken green salad.  Make sure that you remove any cheese and croutons and ask for the dressing on the side.  In place of that dressing you can use the juice of a lemon or your own dressing made from approved ingredients.  Other slightly higher end fast food restaurants like Café Rio or Costa Vida menu options that would be approved under the LAD diet would also include a green salad (with some items removed) and the use of salsa as dressing.  In places that do not offer salads, you can ask for grilled chicken tenders served with a side of tomatoes and lettuce.  If a hamburger is your wish, you may have one “protein style” (without the bun) with lettuce, onion and tomato.  Just be sure that you remove the cheese, pickles and sauce.

In a nicer “sit down” restaurant you can ask that your meat be prepared “naked” which means that it is not cooked in oils or sauces, then get steamed veggies as your side. There is always a way to make it work – stick as close to the protocol as possible and you will do okay.

Dieting can often be confusing, so if you have questions, call the health coaches at 1-800-980-7208. They are here to help you stay on track and reach your weight loss goals.

 Author: LAD Health Coach; Megan Pruesz

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