Struggling With Cravings? Try Some Mint!

why should I choose mintWhen you think of mint you may think of gum, candy canes, or breath mints that have a good taste and also freshen your breath but mint actually has many health benefits for the body. Mint helps with nausea, headaches, respiratory disorders, skin care, memory loss, weight loss, oral infection, and also boosts immunity. Mint is high in vitamin C which is known for improving the immune system and repair of tissue. It is also rich in magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus which are good for bone health.

Some other minerals include copper, iron, and potassium. Iron is good for healthy blood and when it is absorbed from mint, it is enhanced by its vitamin C content which makes a good addition to a healthy immune system. Mint has many vitamins and minerals that provide health benefits but it is also great for weight loss! Mint can help get rid of foreign particles in your internal organs and ease digestion by calming the stomach and relaxing the muscles of the intestines. By improving digestion it will also help eliminate stomach cramps, ease nausea and heartburn, and reduces the production of bacteria in the stomach. Peppermint helps suppress you appetite by increasing the sense of fullness and satisfaction after eating.

If you are feeling hungry or crave something that is not approved on the diet eat a mint leaf or add it to your water, it will help suppress those cravings and also freshen your breath!

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