Strictly following the ACTIVE plan – keep it safe!

Why you should follow the Active plan safelyWhen on The Liquid Amino Diet you follow a low calorie diet. We are often asked, “How can I safely make this work for me and still get the great weight loss results?” While on the ACTIVE plan you will increase your calories and add a few more supplements. Because of the increased calories, along with the Amino Diet Plus drops, your body can sustain more activity while on the Liquid Amino Diet. However, this isn’t a free pass to eat more calories and not work out, or to run a marathon. There are guidelines that must be followed to keep this safe and effective for you!

It is important to follow the guidelines, and increase calories for the correct zone that you exercise in. Over exerting yourself will burn off those extra calories too quickly and you will run the risk of putting yourself into starvation mode as well as depleting the muscles of needed proteins and amino acids. You also have to stay within the calories allotted for the amount of exercise you have done for the day. Eating the calories for a 90 minute workout but only doing 45 minutes of exercise can mean a stall or a gain. The approved foods must be followed as well because you are still using our Amino Diet Plus diet drops and these are foods proven to give you the best results.

If any of these are off, it will affect your weight loss and make your metabolism fluctuate too much, and remember that balancing your metabolism is a main goal of the Liquid Amino Diet. Finding the perfect balance for your system on the ACTIVE plan is important. Our Health Coaches are available to answer questions or help you find that balance at 1-800-980-7208.

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