Stevia After The Liquid Amino Diet

Stevia on the Amino DietWe recommend the use of stevia over any other sweetener in all phases of The Liquid Amino Diet. It is derived from the rebiana plant and is a zero calorie, all natural sweetener, and can be found in many different flavors. When you find a brand read the label for anything ending in “OSE” (with the exception of cellulose) and make sure there are no hidden additives or sugar sources. It offers a delicious and refreshing taste that can be as much as 300 times sweeter than sugar. In addition to being good for weight loss, stevia can help in fighting both diabetes and breast cancer.

People often ask about going back to regular sweeteners like Equal or Splenda after finishing the diet. We highly recommend our customers to continue using Stevia as a sweetener even after completion of the program, as it is a natural sugar replacement and has zero calories. Remember that the Liquid Amino Diet is a lifestyle change so carry on those healthier habits that you have learned! Health coaches are available to answer questions at 1-800-980-7208.

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