How To Break A Stall With A Steak Day

Steak day for a stall on Amino DietUps, downs, and stalls are all a normal part of any weight loss program. However, if you have not been cheating and been stalled for 6-7 days you can do the VLCD (very low calorie day). However, if you have tried a VLCD day and are still stuck with your weight loss, a Steak Day may help break your stall.  We only recommend a Steak Day as a last resort, so you should not perform one unless you have tried the VLCD and been stalled for 6-7 days.  Here is what to do:

  • Drink plenty of water, coffee and tea throughout the day. Remember, with your caffeinated beverages, you should still limit them to 1-2 cups daily.
  • Take your supplements if you can (multivitamin should probably be taken with dinner).
  • Eat only one meal today. At  dinner have a LARGE steak with either an apple or tomato.

Now, we say steak on a steak day because red meat feeds your muscles so well. If you can’t have steak due to food allergy or if you are vegetarian, you can substitute another protein. Just make sure you don’t eat until dinner and then have a LAD approved protein of your choice with either an apple or tomato. There is no set amount of protein to be consumed, just a large portion – just make sure to save room for the apple or tomato.

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