Spices That HELP Dieters

Spices that can help you while on amino dietA recent study shows that for people who don’t normally consume cayenne pepper, adding it to foods while dieting can help increase the rate your body burns calories. Cayenne pepper can stimulate your metabolism up to 20% and helps clean fat out of your arteries. A popular drink while on the Liquid Amino Diet is the California Kicker (which incorporates cayenne pepper).

There are other spices that can help your body burn calories, process foods and eliminate waste. The following can help:

  • Cinnamon – A dash of cinnamon here and there can help keep your blood sugar balanced since it helps stimulate insulin activity.
  • Garlic – Heats up your body and is a very potent diuretic which helps with waste elimination while dieting.
  • Ginger – By raising body temperature, ginger helps to stimulate your body’s fat burning mechanisms. This added to some fresh vegetables will make for a yummy stir-fry.
  • Parsley – Can stimulate the circulatory system, increase energy and reduce water retention. Also, for those breath conscious people out there, it can refresh your breath. As with most foods, fresh is best with parsley.
  • Mustard – This can be ground mustard or yellow mustard. This spice is reported to speed up the metabolism, help digestion and increase saliva by up to eight times normal (which helps digestion).

So spice up those foods and enjoy the benefit of the variety, flavor and weight loss! If you have questions, call the health coaches at 1-800-980-7208.


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