Snacking: Making Or Breaking Good Nutrition

Snacking can be the worst enemy of weight loss or can actually accelerate the process.  It all depends on what you choose to snack on.  Dieticians call this ‘smart snacking’ and it does take a bit of preparation and control on your part, but with a few tips it can be as easy as picking up your favorite candy bar.  Why do you like fast food?  Because it’s fast readily available and you can get it anywhere. With a slight adjustment, you can feel the same way about healthy snacks.

Start by stocking your pantry at home or your desk at work with a range of quick, delicious healthy snacks. So, how do you spot a healthy snack when you’re in the store, searching for something fast and satisfying? Fruit and veggies are the most obvious form of healthy snack food. They meet all the healthy requirements! However ,when looking for something else always read the label. Snack food companies like to pretend that their items are good for you, when in actual fact they aren’t good for you at all. Low fat doesn’t mean it’s good for you, it often means that a ton of sugar has been added to make up for a low fat label.

If you’re a compulsive snacker, then you need to take healthy snacks with you wherever you go. Stash a bag of almonds in your car, in your drawer at work, or keep them in your bag. Snacking really can make or break a lifestyle

change. The last thing you want to do is ruin your daily eating plan because you’re unprepared and fall for fast or junk food.

If you get a late night sugar craving (as many of us do), you don’t have to suffer. All you need to do is choose the healthier option. Let’s be honest, nothing can replace chocolate, but instead of munching on a chocolate bar, have a

handful of grapes, some watermelon or your favorite fruit… I promise it will be just as satisfying. Also, when you get the late night munchies, it’s often because you didn’t drink enough water during the day and your body is dehydrated. Before giving into cravings drink a couple glasses of water and magically the cravings will be gone.

Chips are the most common, and damaging snack food in the world. Each chip contributes to your obesity. There is a healthier alternative! Always have your favorite veggies sliced and ready to grab in the refrigerator. When you feel like snacking on something like chips, grab your veggies instead. You’ll find it’s just a satisfying, and much better for your body. I personally like sliced carrots and/or cucumbers and eat them whenever I get the munchies.

Another trick is to always have a protein shake readily available. It will supply your body with protein and amino acids, need to help build lean muscle and speed your metabolism.  It will also immediately stop all cravings. I recommend Natural Edge Whey Protein, because it tastes great, mixes instantly and can help you transform your body without aspartame, sucralose (Splenda), acesulfame potassium (ace-k), hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors or colors, and fillers.

If you aren’t prepared for the food cravings, you’re going to have a very difficult time finding success losing weight and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Soon you’ll be eating whatever you want again. Your goal is to make snacking on these healthy foods as normal as snacking on the bad foods. Eventually you’ll habitually grab for a healthy snack before even considering junk food.  You’ll lose weight, you’ll feel better and you’ll have your body back. Remember, you are what you eat, if you eat healthy, you’ll be healthy!

The Liquid Amino Diet, is a research based, low glycemic diet plan that results in rapid, healthy weight loss. Our certified health coaches are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and help you on your journey.  Call Toll Free 1-800-980-7208 or visit our support group on Facebook.

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