Six Not So Subtle Symptoms of Depression

Signs of DepressionWhen speaking of health and wellness it’s easy to always talk about the body, but the mind is just as important.  Here are a few tips to from the American Psychiatric Association to help spot depression.

  1. Headaches. If you already suffer from migraine headaches, they may seem worse. 
  2. Chest pain can be a sign of serious heart problems, but depression can contribute to the discomfort associated with chest pain. 
  3. Digestive problems. You may feel queasy or nauseous. You may have diarrhea or become chronically constipated. 
  4. Exhaustion and fatigue. No matter how much you sleep, you may still feel tired or worn out. Getting out of the bed in the morning may seem difficult, even impossible. 
  5. Sleeping problems. Many people with depression don’t sleep well. Some may wake up too early or be unable to fall asleep when they go to bed. Others sleep much more than normal. 
  6. Change in appetite or weight. Some people with depression lose their appetite and lose weight. Others find they crave certain foods — like carbohydrates — and gain weight.

While on the Liquid Amino Diet you will be eating clean. This helps with weight loss, of course, but also helps with the signs and symptoms of depression. Health coaches are avaialbe at 1-800-980-7208 to answer questions and take orders.  

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