Should I Stop Exercising Until Pain Goes Away?

Exercising through muscle stiffnessBeing stiff is no longer an excuse to stop working out. Resting can help with acute pain, but it’s a myth that you should stay in bed. Unless there is broken bone, torn tissue or excessive inflammation, motion will help with pain. Doing nothing will allow muscles to tighten, inflammatory chemicals to gather and adhesions to form. Motion early on can help prevent pain from getting worse and help shorten the length of time the pain and dysfunction persists. Don’t push it. If you feel like you have an injury – go for a walk or a swim.

If you choose to follow the Liquid Amino Diet ACTIVE plan, you may feel some general stiffness when you begin exercising. Remember not to push yourself too hard at the beginning but don’t let muscle stiffness from working out slow you down.  Drink lots of water, take your fish oil and keep going.  Don’t forget to stretch after your workout. Also, remember to drink your protein shake after your workout to start repairing your muscles.

If you have any questions, call the health coaches at 1-800-980-7208.

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