Should a Person With Type 2 Diabetes Exercise?

Exercise and Type 2 DiabetesMany Type 2 Diabetics can use exercise as a way to help regulate their blood sugar levels.  Exercise is important to a diabetic’s health, in fact, exercise is actually highly recommended for a person who has type 2 Diabetes.  When starting out an exercise routine, it is best to start at a slow pace and work your way up.  Do not over exert your body physically, only do what your body is capable of performing at this time.  We always recommend to double check with your doctor before incorporating a workout plan.  Your weight and blood sugar levels can be more effectively controlled when incorporating a healthy diet and exercise.

There are several benefits that come from exercising with Type 2 Diabetes:

·       Burn excess fat storage
·       Increase of muscle strength
·       Prevent osteoporosis by improving bone density and strength
·       Improve blood circulation
·       Reduce stress
·       Better your body’s use of insulin

If your blood sugar level is too high, it is recommended to not exercise at that time. You can ask your prescribing physician about if you are able to exercise and when.  Exercise is very beneficial for Diabetics due to the fact that it can promote insulin sensitivity by helping the glucose to move from the bloodstream to your muscles and body.  Your body will then use the glucose for energy.    Diabetes can have negative effects on the body’s cardiovascular system; however, exercise is known to reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases. This is possible because exercising helps improve the levels of HDL cholesterol (good) and to decrease the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

 The best exercise for a person who has Diabetes is to do a moderate level of cardio.  This should last around 30-60 minutes. If it has been awhile since you have exercised, you could workout less than 30 minutes at a time to begin. Before you start your workout, warm-up for at least 5 minutes to prep your muscles.  Some types of cardio exercise are walking, jogging, running, swimming, using an exercise machine like an elliptical, bicycling, dancing, climbing stairs, skating, and playing some sports such as tennis and basketball.  Combining an exercise plan with the LAD Diabetic program can provide great health benefits to you and your body.

There are several precautions that should be taken.  It is important to carry glucose tablets with you in case your blood sugar reaches a very low level.  It is also highly recommended to bring your meter with you check your sugar level before and after during your workout.  If you are exercising over 45 minutes, check during your workout at intervals to keep a track on your levels.  Bring water to prevent dehydration because dehydration may cause blood sugar levels to rise.  Also, check your feet before and after a workout to check for any blisters or irritations that can lead to infections.    Remember to listen to your body and stay within the guidelines of the Amino Diet Diabetic Program.

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Authored by Megan


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