Sex Drive and Your Diet

diet and your sex driveWe have all heard the old axiom that sex sells.  Where we get a little more confused is what sells us on sex.  According to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 43% of women under age 60 have some type of sexual dysfunction or low sex drive at some point in their lives.  Nor is this solely a problem with women.  According to the American Diabetes Association over 13 Million men have low testosterone levels. For each year over age 30, the level of testosterone in men starts to decrease at a rate of 1% annually. By age 40, or sometimes even sooner, men can see a significant change in libido and overall sexual function.  Before we resign ourselves to old age, hormone replacement therapy, popping pills or long, romantic-free nights, there are certain things we can do to help us regain our energy and sex drives.

Start a healthy diet for vitality and libido.  Since time immemorial, certain foods have been considered aphrodisiacs.  While some of these have gone the way of the dodo, science is finding that a few quality foods may actually help us feel physically better and help increase our sexual desire.  Vitamin E has long been considered by some researchers to be the “sex vitamin”, according to Planet Green on  Vitamin E actually aids in the production of sex hormones which can help create sexual desire.  As Vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant that slows the signs of aging and helps prevent disease.  This, in turn, can benefit a person’s sexual function.  Those who suffer from anxiety or an increase in stress may notice that it impairs their overall sex drive.  Vitamin B6, taken in capsule form or in foods such as avocadoes and eggs, are known to help decrease stress levels.  B6 is also known to increase male sex hormones.  A study in the Journal of Urology, 2004 showed that Acetyl-L-carnitine beat testosterone replacement therapy for men suffering with sexual dysfunction, depressed mood and fatigue associated with male aging. “Carnitines prove significantly more active than testosterone in improving nocturnal penile tumescence and International Index of Erectile Function score.” It’s important to remember that diet plans like the Amino Diet, low in processed carbohydrates, low in partially hydrogenated oils, yet high in fruits, vegetables and lean meats, will naturally increase your energy levels and sex drive.  On the other hand, diets like the standard American diet, high in processed carbohydrates, trans fats and sugar make us feel sluggish or otherwise hamper our health and leave us feeling weak and disinterested in physical intimacy.

Pump up your sex drive by pumping up your body.  We all understand that physical exercise can make us feel more energetic and help our overall health but did you know it can also increase our libido?  Exercise increases our blood flow and increases our agility, which is extremely beneficial when engaging in sexual activity.  Increasing blood flow to the heart will increase blood flow to the other areas needed for sexual desire and intimacy.  In addition, exercise helps our mental health, which in turn helps our libido.  Certain exercises, such as kegel exercises, help both women and men perform and enjoy their sexuality.  A study of 55 men with erectile dysfunction showed 75% improved or regained function when doing kegel exercises every day.

We should understand that decreased vitality and libido are often due to other, underlying health conditions.  Maintaining a proper diet and exercise can help prevent these conditions from occurring or improve the problems once they have occurred.  To feel right and ready, remember that the lifestyle associated with physical and mental health is also what is needed to maintain our sexual health. For more information contact an Amino Diet Health Coach, toll free, 1-800-980-7208 or visit our community online at

Authored by Dr. Humble Finsand

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