Protecting your Muscles While on the Liquid Amino Diet

Protecting muscles while on a low calorie dietAmino acids are the building blocks for the proteins that our muscles need to function. However, as people go through a diet program one of the things mentioned occasionally is a feeling of weakness or fatigue in the muscles. We have enriched our Liquid Amino Diet drops with three amino acids to help prevent this from happening; however, some people may still experience this. This generally happens for one of two reasons: the first is muscle fatigue, the second is muscle wasting.

Muscle fatigue occurs when experiencing rapid weight loss. The removal of the fat leaves an elongated muscle which takes more energy to move.  The muscles have to perform a harder contraction than before. So, some people will feel climbing stairs or lifting things takes more muscle effort than before. The muscles will adjust it just takes some time.  Some light weight lifting can help speed up the process.

Muscle wasting happens when we are not eating enough calories to sustain optimal muscle function. If this occurs within the first two weeks of the diet, it may mean you need to increase your protein to support the muscles. This could be done by increasing your protein shake to two scoops instead of just one. They contain extra muscle building ingredients. Most people on the Liquid Amino Diet will not experience this, however, if you do, please contact our health coaches at; 1-800-980-7208 or They are happy to help you find the balance your body needs.

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