Prediabetes & Health Risks

Pre-Diabetes33% of adults in the US (79 million people) have pre-diabetes and 26 million have diabetes. Prediabetes exists when blood sugar levels are too high, but not enough for a diagnosis of diabetes to be reached. Those with prediabetes have a significantly higher risk of developing type-2 diabetes, as well as stroke and heart disease.

If you’re like most Americans, continuing to live the way you live and eat the way you eat is sure to lead to Weight Gain, Prediabetes, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, etc. You have the ability to prevent all of this!  Losing just 5-7% of excess body fat can greatly reduce your risk of becoming pre-diabetic. If you need help changing your diet and starting a workout program… The Liquid Amino Diet may be the solution for you. The balanced diet of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits can help you drop unwanted pounds, fast.  Our Health Coaches are available 7 day a week to answer your questions and help you make that first step.  Call them Toll Free at 1-800-980-7208 or visit our website at

Here’s another tip:

Drinking blueberry smoothies helped obese adults who were pre-diabetic improve insulin sensitivity. 67% of people who drank a blueberry smoothie twice a day for six weeks experienced a 10% or greater improvement in their insulin sensitivity, compared with 41% of people in the placebo smoothie group. Compounds in blueberries, called anthocyanins, have antioxidant properties, which may contribute to health benefits such as improved insulin sensitivity.
Journal of Nutrition, October 2010

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