Physical Activity is Necessary to Burn Fat & Increase Metabolism

woman on a bicycleMany of us blame our weight gain on a sluggish metabolism without really understanding what our metabolism is or even does.

Metabolism is a term relating to the breakdown of food and the subsequent transformation into the energy a body needs.  Specifically, it is determined by how well we burn calories.  Every living cell in an organism has its own metabolism.  Metabolism is necessary for life.  Every single function in the body, including heart beat, brain function and breathing requires metabolism to give it the energy to happen.  We have two basic types of metabolic rates:

  1. Total Metabolic Rate:   Total Metabolic Rate (TMR) refers to the total number of calories burned each day, including those calories spent while doing normal daily activities.  Figuring our TMR depends upon calculating any activities that are typical for a standard day.  Our metabolic rates increase during physical activities, anxiety, eating, growing, pregnancy and many other factors.  Factors that can reduce our TMR include depression, apathy, sedentary lifestyles and prolonged starvation.


  1. Basal Metabolic Rate:  Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the number of calories our bodies would burn in order to maintain normal body functions, such as breathing, thinking, heartbeat, etc. that are needed in order to sustain life.  The release of energy in this state is only just enough for the functioning of all vital organs, including the heart, nervous system, kidneys, liver, reproductive organs and others.  Each of these actions burns calories.  BMR accounts for about 60% to 75% of call calories we burn in any given day.  A person’s BMR is the single biggest factor in determining overall metabolic rate, including how many calories are needed to gain, lose or maintain weight.

Exercise is necessary for burning fat and increasing metabolism due to a variety of factors.  First, exercise increases our TMR.  Exercise also impacts our BMR, meaning we burn more weight at rest if we get larger amounts of exercise during the day.  Physical exercise also directly helps us burn fat and increase muscle.  The less fat we have, the higher our BMR will be.  This is also true regarding muscle mass.  Therefore, the more physical activity we receive in any given day, the faster our metabolisms will be throughout the day and the more fat we will lose.  Physical activity is absolutely necessary for losing fat and increasing metabolism.

After any exercise or physical activity it is vitally important that we immediately replenish the body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild and strengthen. A high quality protein shake is typically the easiest way to feed the muscle and get the amino acids necessary to rebuild. We highly recommend Natural Edge Whey Protein. It tastes great, mixes easy, is all natural, hormone free, has no artificial sweeteners and has 20 grams of protein per scoop. It is the recommended protein powder for those following the Amino Diet but also perfect for anyone on any exercise plan.

For more information about the Amino Diet, Natural Edge protein or any other questions, contact an Amino Diet Health Coach, toll free, 1-800-980-7208 or visit our community online at

Authored by Dr. Humble Finsand

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