LAD: Succeeding on Phase 2 and Beyond

Phase 2 GuidelinesDuring the first phase of the Liquid Amino Diet you’ve learned that it is possible to lose fat, maintain lean muscle and keep it off, as long you pay attention to a few things. Eating low glycemic foods, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and staying away from processed foods, simple sugars and junk food are vital to maintaining a sleek figure. The Liquid Amino Diet is not JUST a diet – but rather a complete lifestyle change.  It should be a priority of yours to keep your metabolism working hard and fast, with great food and lots of exercise, but to assure your life long success of keeping fat off, it is important to correctly transition to and follow Phase 2.

**We have seen such positive results from our Amino Diet Plus homeopathic drops in helping to suppress appetite, balancing hormones, and boosting metabolism that we now strongly recommend that you continue to use the Amino Diet Plus drops throughout phase 2 of the program.  You have worked so hard to lose the weight that we want to give you every tool to help keep it off and lock in the new you.

Follow these guidelines for phase 2:

  1. Continue taking the Amino Diet Plus drops only TWO times per day. Take a 0.8 dose in the morning and the evening. If you ordered in the last 30 days and would like to get an additional bottle for phase 2, call the health coaches at 1-800-980-7208 to purchase a bottle for difference in one and two bottle kits ($52 plus shipping). 
  2. Exercise is strongly encouraged. During this phase, if you do workout for longer than an hour, you may need to increase your calories up to 1750 daily. Listen to your body and never let it go hungry. If you are feeling hungry it can be a sign that your body is in starvation mode.
  3. Increase 250 calories of phase one approved foods for 2 days until you are at 1500 calories. Make sure you maintain at this level for a few days before adding in any new foods.  After a few days you can begin SLOWLY adding (one new food per day – if you gain, cut that food back out for a bit):
  • All nuts, fruits, and vegetables, with the exception of potatoes and corn.
  • All dairy products are allowed (mayo is not a dairy), however, avoid any dairy with hormones and avoid low fat dairy. Remember that healthy fat is good for you. This means you can also have butter – but NO margarine.
  • Different proteins are now available to you but again – stay away from processed meats, farmed fish, and fried chicken.
  • You can have one small daily serving of regular, unsweetened oatmeal. Try blending it with a fruit into your protein shake!
  • Two slices of whole grain bread per day are allowed. Remember to avoid anything white!

Remember that if you have more weight to lose after phase 2, you can start another round with phase 1. If you have reached your optimal goal weight, then you can move onto phase 3 and begin making this a long term lifestyle.

**If you ordered in the last 30 days and would like to get an additional bottle for phase 2, call the health coaches at 1-800-980-7208 to purchase a bottle for difference in one and two bottle kits ($52 plus shipping).

Once you’ve lost all of your fat and enter phase 3, it will be a never ending challenge to sustain your healthy new goal weight. This means you’re going to have to learn how to control your weight, and listen to the needs of your body. Here are a few things that can help you make this lifestyle change permanent:

  • You will not be taking the Amino Diet Plus drops after completeing phase 1 and 2, but we do recommend taking your daily vitamins and continuing to consume a scoop protein powder each day is a good idea as well. Daily fish oil and Vitamin D supplements will also boost your total health.
  • Come up with a new rewards system- one not based on food. Remember those diets you tried? When you were good for an entire week, you pigged out on Saturday as a treat. This is not what you want to do. Instead try buying active gear, or sending yourself to a hairdresser, spa or clothing shop. Keeping the weight off begins with your mindset.
  • Think about how often you’ve gone out of your way to eat something delicious -driven to the shop, phoned for delivery, gone to a friend’s house, or held a dinner party. Each time you spent time and money on food. It tasted nice, but afterwards you had to deal with the health consequences, the expanding waistline and clothes that don’t fit you. You have to be smart about keeping off this weight.
  • You don’t want to slip back into bad habits. Change the way you think about food, and your body will appreciate the effort. Try to remember the food choices and habits that you developed in Phase 1 of the Liquid Amino Diet.  Remember how much better your body feels when you’re eating right and be sure to always have almonds, carrots, grapes or other fast but healthy snacks around to constantly feed your metabolism and prevent you from grabbing fast-food because you were caught unprepared.
  • Stay involved in the community. You have gone through this journey with our team via facebook, to help keep you focused and on track, keep checking in and encouraging others to succeed. Remember that you can utilize the health coaches even after you complete phase one and two.

Health coaches are available at 1-800-980-7208 to place orders for that second bottle at a special discounted price or email us at with any questions.  

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