Overweight People Suffer More Back Pain

Back pain and weightStaying fit and keeping your weight down helps prevent back pain. Back pain is more common among people who are out of shape. Being over-weight or obese stresses the back. Try this simple demonstration: After grocery shopping, pick up two bags of groceries and feel how tight your back muscles become. Imagine carrying these bags around all day long, 24 hours a day, over the course of your whole life.

This doesn’t mean that skinny people don’t get back pain.

Anyone can get back pain, even thin people.  In fact, people who are too thin, such as those suffering from anorexia, may suffer bone loss (osteoporosis), possibly resulting in fractured or crushed vertebrae in the long term. 

The best thing to do for back pain is lose weight around the mid section and build strength in your core muscles. The Liquid Amino Diet can help you lose unwanted pounds and the balanced diet will help you lose that unwanted belly fat. After a week on the program, many dieters report less back and joint pain. 

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