Osteoporosis & Women

Osteoporosis and WomenTwo-thirds of the estimated 34 million Americans at risk of developing osteoporosis are women. The disease can lead to bone fracture, reduced mobility and even death. Women age 65 and over who had been screened for osteoporosis increased from 34% in 2001 to 64% in 2006. Only 46% of poor women reported having a screening test, compared with 80% of high-income women. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, May 2010

It’s important to maintain existing muscle tone as you age and the most effective way is through strength training. Strength training doesn’t just strengthen the muscles… it also strengthens the bone! Weighted exercise causes the muscle to pull on the periosteum, which in turn thickens the bone.

Instead of heavy gym equipment, try working out with rubber tubes and bands. These give resistance in two directions, allowing for a more effective workout and much less chance of injury to your joints, ligaments and tendons.

If you have are interested in learning more about weighted exercise, strength training and preserving your health… we can help! Give the health coaches a call at 1-800-980-7208.



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