Liquid Amino Diet On A Budget

Saving money while on Amino DietAre you looking to save a little money while picking up your Liquid Amino Diet foods this week?  We often hear that it is so much cheaper to eat junk.  While this can be true, this list can help us save money AND eat a healthier diet.  Here is a list of a dozen foods for under $1 and best of all, they are all approved for the Liquid Amino Diet!!

  1. Eggs – They are typically about $2 for a dozen, so that would be 6 servings for 1 dozen of eggs, So for each serving you are spending about 33 cents. Woohoo!
  2. Almonds – typically cost about $5 for an 8 ounce bag.  1 serving is 25 nuts or about 1 ounce, so for each serving you are spending, about 63 cents.
  3. Black Beans – according to they run about $2 for a 12 ounce bag.  One 12 ounce bag of black beans would get you about 6 servings so you are spending about 33 cents per serving.
  4. Cottage Cheese is about 88 cents per ½ cup serving.
  5. Grapes are about 75 cents per 1 cup serving.  What is quicker then grabbing some grapes to eat on the go.
  6. Apples – depending on the type you get generally are about 50-75 cents per apple.
  7. Onions – are a cheep way to add a punch of flavor AND a vegetable to your day.  They average around 25 cents depending on the size and variety.
  8. Broccoli – is about dollar per 1 cup serving.
  9. Spinach – usually ends up being about 50 cents per cup when you buy it by the bunch.
  10. Carrots – when bought whole end up being about 50 cents each, what a great way to get in some vitamins to help your eyes and another quick vegetable to grab on the go.
  11. Edamame– is about 50 cents per ½ cup serving.  A quick, easy protein to add to your foods or have as a snack.
  12. Water – FREE! This is such an important part of the diet and will help flush toxins from your system while you are shedding your fat for fuel.

Now, there are more then this, but we wanted to get your mind moving in the direction that eating clean/healthy diets does not have to cost a lot.  We can eat clean and be healthier.  Foods in their raw/natural state will give you the most benefits, so grab some of these raw foods and run out the door.  It is better for you then other “fast foods” on the market.  Have questions? Call the health coaches at 1-800-980-7208.

To your health!

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