Liquid Amino Diet: Dollars and SENSE

Cost of weight loss

When you purchase the Liquid Amino Diet you are making the decision to get healthy and lose weight, thus improving your quality of life. The value of this cannot be measured, however, the Liquid Amino Diet makes sense economically as well.

Each of the Liquid Amino Diet (LAD) kits  includes our homeopathic diet drops (30,60, or 90 day supply), an oral syringe, and the LAD diet guide book.  All 9 ingredients in our homeopathic drops assist you in your weight loss journey by helping suppress your appetite so there are no food cravings, targeting the weight loss to your abnormal fat areas like the midsection and upper thighs, increasing your energy, and giving support to your thyroid and liver. The guidebook consists of an outline of the LAD protocol, the science that makes it work, approved food choices, sample menus, and easy to follow instructions on how to do the diet.

When followed correctly, these components will help you lose weight. However, what if you have additional questions or need to tweak the program to fit specific needs? Or maybe you just need some additional support and encouragement to stick with it.

Enter… the Liquid Amino Diet certified health coaches. Available 7 days a week to give you any extra support that is needed, these health coaches will help you not only lose the weight while on the program but will also help you maintain that loss after you have completed the program.  We know losing weight can be a struggle, and that’s why we strive to be there for every customer. We offer support and help through our Facebook page, email, and over the phone for all Liquid Amino Diet customers – whether on phase 1, 2, or the longterm phase 3.

So how do we compare to other diets and weight loss plans?

  • The typical cost for an athletic trainer can range anywhere from $60- $70 per session. The least amount they can charge per hour is $25.
  • Nutritionists can charge up to $200 an hour.
  • Buying meal plans like the ones from nutrisystem can cost up to $412 a month.
Stop spending the money for any of these programs and the support stops as well – which may lead to confusion, falling into old habits, and ultimately gaining the weight back. The LAD health coaches will continue to support you after completing the program to provide the guidance needed to keep the weight off.

Also, other plans can have hidden fee’s which can make you feel uneasy about what you’re buying. LAD doesn’t charge your card every month and keep sending you the product. We want you to feel safe purchasing from us, and when you want to order more you always can. We have a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied after trying the program, you don’t have to feel like it was a waste of money.

The goal at Liquid Amino Diet is to improve the quality of life for every person that begins the program. Our health coaches love seeing the transformations that Liquid Amino dieters go through. To speak to a health coach call 1-800-980-7208 or visit our facebook support page. We look forward to having you on the Liquid Amino Diet Team!!

Authors: LAD Health Coaches Vivianna Seegrist and Alina Gibson

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