Link Between Childhood Obesity And Stiff Arteries

Childhood Obesity & Stiff Arteries8-11 year-old children with more body fat and less endurance than fitter, leaner children have stiffer arteries at a young age. Stiff arteries are a hallmark of atherosclerosis, typically an adult condition in which blood vessels become clogged. “When children at a young age start getting diseases only adults used to get, it’s like the sky is falling,” said Dr. Catherine L. Davis. She already found exercise reduces inflammation, visceral fat (a type of fat situated between the organs), body mass index and insulin levels. Children who exercised showed improvement on virtually all of those measures after just 20- 40 minutes of daily aerobic exercise for 12 weeks. Medical College of Georgia, April 2010.

Learning how to exercise and eat properly will not only help you to live a healthier and more productive life, but will also greatly benefit your children, teaching them healthy habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives.  The Liquid Amino Diet teaches you how to eat a clean and balanced diet which will also benefit your kids and set them up for a longer and healthier lifestyle. Health Coaches are available to answer questions at 1-800-980-7208.

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