Learn To Love Your Body

We live in a society where ultra thin is idealized and fat is made out to be disgusting, filthy and unhealthy. Every day you are told by the media – on television, in movies and in magazines –  But loving your body is an essential part of good physical and mental health.

Why do we hate our bodies so much? In a recent study by the National Eating Disorders Association in the US, 80% of all women are unhappy with the way their bodies look. And men feel much the same way.

Loving your body means admitting that it’s not perfect, and it’s never going to be perfect. People with perfect bodies, like actors or professional athletes – are paid to look that way. If someone gave you millions of dollars to be in your best shape, you’d also be pretty darn close to perfect. But that’s not how normal people look. The average person in America is overweight, stressed from their fast paced lives and not eating well, or exercising regularly. You’re not alone!

So, how do you love an imperfect body? Start by throwing away all those perceptions that you have on how your body is ‘meant’ to look. It’s time to embrace the mantra “what you put in, is what you’ll get out.” The first step to adjusting your own perceptions is by DOING something positive for your body image.

Ever noticed how losing weight makes you feel so confident, beautiful and alive? That’s no joke. You are responding to positive emotions about your body image. Loving your body means respecting it.

Understand that there are things you can change for the better, and then change them!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you don’t have to hold yourself to the ridiculous standards set by a perverted society. Your journey’s end is not to look like a supermodel. It’s to feel great, be healthy and regain a love, respect and reverence for your own body. You need to start loving your body right now. That means you need to commit to these goals. Doing something about a problem always makes us feel better inside, because the results are visible outside.

Soon enough, once you’ve changed your eating habits and committed to improving your lifestyle you will begin to notice how society will react to the changes. People will tell you, you look great. They’ll ask you what you’ve been doing – they’ll want to know your secret!

It’s time for positive change. Hope, commitment and a positive mindset can do incredible things for your self-image. When you’re working towards a successful result, anything is possible. The trick is to start right now.

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