Keeping The Weight OFF!

Tips to keeping the weight off after Amino DietWho cares about losing weight if it’s only going to come right back on within a few weeks.   If you work hard to lose weight on the Liquid Amino Diet… you want to keep it off, right?  If you follow the guidelines in my book you’ll do just that.

Here’s a couple of tips from that section:

  • No Starch, No Sugar – for 3 weeks after the low calorie portion of the diet, you need to stay away from refined sugars, processed carbohydrates & all starches.
  • Start Exercising – Start a workout program.  Anything works; hiking, swimming, running, walking, tennis, basketball, weight lifting, biking… just start something you enjoy doing.
  • Eat Breakfast – Breakfast is absolutely essential, especially when you’re working out.  You can now eat dairy’s; cottage cheese, milk, eggs and yogurt.  The protein in these foods help to build your muscle, which in turn will speed up your metabolism.
  • Stop Counting Calories – The simple fact is: If you’re not eating refined sugars, processed carbohydrates and starches you’re not going to overeat, so you no longer need to count calories.  Just be reasonable and stop eating when your full, not when all the food is gone.

After following these guidelines for 3 weeks, your hypothalamus will re-set making the new lowered weight your new Set-Point and the weight will stay off!

For more information about the Liquid Amino Diet call our toll free number (800)980-7208 and speak to a health coach today.

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