Is Your Weight Gain From Hormonal Imbalances?

what is hormonal imbalanceMany people notice that they gain weight as they get older. This is especially true of women who are approaching and experiencing menopause.  While eating a healthy diet can help reduce the symptoms, the simple truth is that hormonal imbalances cause weight gain and alter the metabolic processes.

The first most basic link is between the hormone insulin and body fat.  As our hormones become imbalanced, insulin production also becomes out of whack, causing us to store fat we might otherwise burn.  As people age, especially as women approach menopause, insulin-resistance is often noticed.  Simply stated, the body tends to store more and more calories as fat, making them more difficult to burn.

Cortisol, often referred to as the “stress hormone” also plays a direct role.  It is called the “stress hormone” because increased production of cortisol occurs during times of stress, which can alter the normal, healthy pattern of cortisol secretion.  This disruption of cortisol secretion may cause weight gain and even impact where that weight is stored.  Some studies have suggested that stress and elevated cortisol levels tend to cause excess fat to build up in the abdominal area rather than the hips and thighs.  Abdominal fat is often referred to as “toxic fat” since this has been linked to the development of heart disease and stroke. Too much cortisol can also raise blood pressure levels and negatively affect insulin secretion.

The thyroid gland directly regulates metabolism.  When this gland is sluggish, people feel fatigued, achy, have increased cholesterol levels, lose hair on the scalp, gain hair in other places and put on weight.  Hypothyroidism, meaning that the thyroid gland is underactive, is a common problem with people as they age.  This is often a result of iodine deficiency but can also be due to autoimmune problems and a poor diet.  Women who find that they are getting “see through hair” and are having to tweeze other areas of their body more often may well have a problem with their thyroid.  Some issues in both men and women associated with weight gain and chronic pain are also linked to underactive thyroid.

Unfortunately, if any hormone levels become negatively altered for any reason, it can make the other hormones become imbalanced as well.  The important thing is to get the hormones back in balance, through regular exercise, the right dietary supplements and a low glycemic diet plan. If we can regulate our blood sugar, we can often regulate insulin production and that alone can regulate the other hormones and help us shed excess pounds while increasing lean muscle mass.  Hormones tell every cell in the body what to do and regulate metabolism.  It is therefore necessary to do whatever possible to help keep them balanced as we age.

The Amino Diet is specifically designed to balance your blood sugar levels and in turn help balance your hormone levels. While on the Amino Diet you are encouraged to eat five healthy meals each day, eliminate processed foods and include protein in each meal, which prevents the constant swing of blood sugar levels that is typically found when eating the standard American diet.

Following the Amino Diet, you can expect to lose 7-14 pounds in just two weeks, without starving yourself. For more information contact one of our certified health coaches, toll free 1-800-980-7208 or visit us on Facebook at

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Authored by Dr. Humble Finsand


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