Infused Water: Why Should We Drink It?

woman with infused waterOn the Amino Diet, we stress the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated. There are dangers in being dehydrated.  Read more about the risks of dehydration here: .  Even with those risks, most of our dieters share the same concern about water: they don’t like it because of the taste or lack thereof.  Well now there is something you can do to fix that problem.  Adding fruit and/or herbs to water can help to add flavor and also provide some health benefits as well.

Drinking artificially flavored and sugared drinks is not good for your health and/or weight loss.  So why do it? These fruit infused waters include all natural ingredients, so you won’t be adding any chemicals, or processed ingredients into your body like drinking artificially flavored drinks would.  Plus, these fruit infused waters actually taste good and are very simple to make. All you need is water and slices of the fruit of your choice.  Here is a great website that includes a few easy recipes of fruit infused waters.

These fruit infused waters provide health benefits.  How, you may ask? The fruits and herbs add essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs.  Some may even provide healthy antioxidants!   You can leave the infused water in the refrigerator overnight for a stronger flavor and even add stevia to sweeten.

A popular favorite is iced water with added slices of lemon.  Lemon juice helps your body to detox and to prevent it from bloating.  To fit Amino Diet protocol, we would only recommend to do these fruit infused waters for a quarter, or less, of your water intake for the day, and to not eat the fruits that are added into the water.  If you begin to stall in your weight loss while adding fruit infused waters, try and cut them out of your menu and see if you start losing again. If you do, you probably should cut them out of your diet entirely.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Health Coaches, toll free, at 800.980.7208 or visit us on Facebook at

Authored by Megan

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