Incorporating a Fitness Regimen into your Daily Routine

daily exercise for healthWe may understand what we need to do in order to improve our health but it does not mean we actually understand how to do it.  Many of us feel overworked, exhausted and stressed from the amount of time we have to juggle between our careers and our families.  Many of us are wondering how we can find time for exercise when we do not have enough time in the day to perform many of our other tasks.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep:  This may sound counterintuitive but a good night’s rest is necessary not only for our health but also to give us the physical and mental energy needed to perform our daily routine, including exercise.  Those who are always fatigued accomplish less even if they work harder – and generally causing them to take even less rest.  Those who are well-rested have the energy to get more done in less time.  Get a good night’s sleep so the day can start off its absolute best.  This should be a top priority.
  2. Make a list of daily and weekly activities:  This will enable us to see what tasks require physical activity and those that do not.  We can then get a clear idea of how our time is spent, how much physical activity we truly get and what tasks can be combined, shortened or otherwise dropped.  Be sure to note, in increments, how many minutes are spent watching TV, writing e-mails, updating Facebook, commuting to and from work and how time is spent at work during breaks.  This will give an idea how much time is spent sitting versus walking or moving.  It may also show where to find time for actual exercise. Using your calendar on the daily setting can help with that. It generally breaks the day down by hours and can give you reminders.
  3. Add more short bursts of physical energy during the day:  Not everyone can afford a gym membership but most people can take their two 15-minute breaks and part of their lunch breaks climbing stairs, walking around the office or outside, stretching, touching toes, etc.  Get a co-worker to join in for added motivation.  Even spending a few minutes in incremental bursts at the desk for standing, stretching or touching toes can help.  Use a restroom on a different floor and climb the stairs to and from it.  Park further away from the office and speed walk to the front door.  At home, those 30 minutes or an hour in between the shows we really like can be spent walking or biking either alone or as a family.  TV shows in particular can be spent lifting free weights or riding a stationary bike.  A spare 15 minutes here and there can also be spent watering the plants or weeding a small garden.  Chores that are often done either before or after TV time can be done during the commercials, allowing more uninterrupted time for exercise.  Better still, how many programs do we watch that we truly enjoy watching rather than out of boredom?    Spend that time getting exercise, playing sports, etc.  It is amazing how soon we realize how much fun can be had not sitting in front of the TV.


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Authored by Dr. Humble Finsand

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