The Importance Of Phase 2 Of The Amino Diet

Why phase 2 on Amino DietMost of our members will experience a significant reduction in weight after Phase 1 of The Amino Diet. It’s exciting, but even more exciting is when you Keep The Weight Off.  If you don’t follow the guidelines and take Phase 2 serious, the likelihood of the weight coming back goes up.

Phase 2 should be something that you look forward to… it’s one of the most anticipated phases of the Amino diet.

At this point in the diet you will now be consuming enough calories to support activities such as weight lifting and/or vigorous exercise. We encourage everyone to begin an exercise program during phase 3, especially if they don’t currently have one. The key is to find something you enjoy doing and stick to it. Whether it’s an aerobic class, yoga, jogging, weight lifting, or Pilates, just find something you enjoy, and try to do it with a partner to keep you motivated and give positive reinforcement. With consistency and encouragement from your work out partner(s), friends and family, you will naturally venture into other activities.

After 3 weeks in Phase 2, you will create a “weight set point” that is easier for the body to maintain.

Phase 2 Summary

  • Drops are not required but we do recommend continuing to take them so you can still get the benefits of the unique formulation.
  • Increase your calorie intake to around 1,500 calories per day.  This is only a guideline.  You want to eat until satisfied not full.
  • Strictly avoid eating sugars and processed starches including sweeteners like honey, aspartame, or Splenda.  We all know which foods have sugar but many people are not quite sure about starches.  Some common starches to avoid are breads (other than the two slices of whole grain bread you are allowed), pasta, potatoes, rice, cereals, oatmeal (other than one small serving for breakfast if you want), etc.
  • Bring dairy back into your diet. But avoid low fat dairy.
  • Weigh yourself every morning to make sure you stay within 2 pounds of the weight you ended phase 1 on. If you are over 2 pounds, carefully monitor your caloric intake and be sure that the foods you’re eating do not have hidden sugars.
  • Start exercising again or start for the first time if you have not before.   If you were walking 20 minutes 3 times per week then try to fast walk for 30-45 minutes 5 times per week.  Lifting weights and doing strenuous aerobic exercises are now permitted.
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