How Does The Liquid Amino Diet Work?

The Liquid Amino Diet (LAD) was formulated by Dr. Humble Finsand with the help of top European scientists and homeopathic experts.  It was carefully formulated to include ingredients that work together with the body to assist in rapid weight loss, proper endocrine function, and improved metabolism.

The ingredients in our exclusive formulation called Amino Diet Plus, have been found to:

  • Burn belly and back fat naturally
  • Enhance lean muscle mass
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • Balance hormones
  • Reduce cravings for unhealthy food
  • Help the body metabolize amino acids and transfer energy
  • Help peri-menopausal women lose fat in the belly and upper thigh
  • Assist the body in absorption of nutrients
  • Strengthen the liver and kidneys
  • Aid in digestive disorders
  • Have a diuretic or water shedding effect on the body
  • Assist in weight management
  • Improve thyroid function
  • Help detoxify the body

When combined with a low glycemic impact type diet, the Amino Diet Plus drops enable a person to maintain lean muscle, burn abnormal body fat and lose on average between a half a pound and one pound daily.  At the same time this targets specific organs of the endocrine system, which regulate the body’s ability to receive, coordinate, and respond to metabolic cues.  These metabolic signals tell our body when to eat, how much to eat and help maintain our metabolic “set point” (current body weight), much like a thermostat for your furnace.

The Liquid Amino Diet helps to mobilize and make available for fuel, the abnormal fat deposits that have formed around the hips, thighs, abdomen, and upper arms. This facilitates a “targeted” weight loss in people who, after a history of dieting, find it difficult to lose weight. In contrast to other forms of weight loss, the Liquid Amino Diet produces a more immediately noticeable effect on the body because all of the fat being burned is directly targeted at the common problem areas. In essence, the Liquid Amino Diet not only helps with weight loss, it also helps to reshape the body and maintain and even improve health.

For more information about the Liquid Amino Diet Program call, Toll Free 1-800-980-7208 and speak with one of our Certified Health Coaches or visit our website to read more.


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