How Can Psyllium Husk Help Dieters?

Psyllium Husk and the Amino DietPsyllium husk come from the Plantago ovata plant which is grown mainly in India and are the coating found around the seed. They come in a dried or powdered form.  Some dieters choose to use them because they can:

  • cleanse the colon
  •  help with blood circulation
  • ease constipation by keeping stool moist and soft
  • ease diarrhea by giving texture to the stool
  • high fiber density makes you feel full and can suppress your appetite
  • lower bad, low density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol

When on the Liquid Amino Diet, we recommend the Smooth Move Tea when feeling constipated, however, psyllium husk can be an effective alternative to the tea if it doesn’t work. You mix it in water or juice. Once mixed with a liquid, be sure to consume it quickly or it will develop into a gel that you cannot consume. When taking them, make sure you drink a lot of water because they can cause blockages in your digestive track without it. Because of its absorbing properties, one should not take it within two hours of taking regular medications.

If you have any questions, call the health coaches at 1-800-980-7208.

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