Herbal Adaptogens for Stress Management

Amino Diet supplement helps Cortisol levelsUsing “Endocrine Boost” to help control Cortisol levels and other Metabolic Functions

Most of us cannot escape from stress in our daily lives.  Stress is even so vaguely defined that it can refer to physical or emotional problems or be discussed in either concrete or subjective terms.  It is not even understood if stress is a specific cause, the end result of a specific cause or the process of getting between these two points.  What is understood is that stress is a natural result that is often due to a constantly changing environment.

Biologically, we need to adapt to the changes around us or we become unable to survive in a changing world.  This is true even though these changes can cause stress, especially if we are having trouble adapting.  Such is the cycle.  Stress is often a good thing when it motivates us for positive change or is the result of a positive experience, such as participating in a competition we might enjoy or getting a promotion to a new position at work.  When that stress becomes chronic and severe, however, it can have a crippling effect and lead to debilitating illnesses.  Stress can be extremely detrimental on the immune system.  When the HPA axis receives feedback that it is in a state of stress, it begins to secrete certain hormones in order to better manage that stress.  Cortisol is one such hormone.  While cortisol in certain levels is necessary for human survival and serves many metabolic functions, too much cortisol can cause a weakened immune system, spikes in blood glucose, obesity and metabolic disease, among other disorders. This is why we need adaptogens.

Adaptogens are metabolic regulators that allow an organism to adapt to different and changing environmental factors, thereby avoiding damage to that organism from these factors.  These are meant to normalize, counteract or otherwise completely prevent many different problems due to external or internal factors.  As such it is able to manage different physical and/or emotional stressors on that organism.  Adaptogens are therefore necessary for an organism’s survival.

Herbal Adaptogens follow this same concept by allowing different herbs to combat stress, thereby preventing many chronic or debilitating illnesses that can occur when stress is severe.  Herbal adaptogens have been used to successfully treat everything from anxiety, depression, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction to high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, ulcers and much more. For these reasons, herbal adaptogens have been widely used and trusted throughout the world over countless centuries, often appearing in folk medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.  There are also many important differences between adaptogens and conventional stimulants.  The latter can lead to addiction and tolerance in long-term use, often having a negative overall quality even when a stimulating effect is desired.  There have been no such negative effects associated with most herbal adaptogens.  The result is that herbal adaptogens are generally considered to be safe and have been safely and successfully used for thousands of years.

There are many different herbal adaptogens in Amino Diet’s Endocrine Boost supplement.  These have been repeatedly shown to be both safe and effective, both for immediate results in short-term use and for cumulative results during long-term use.  This supplement is one tool in the complete, holistic, Diabetic Program.  Your hormones will dictate your health and when other factors impair or imbalance your hormone levels, your health will be drastically impaired.  By understanding how each of these different factors work together to determine your health, Amino Diet has created an entire program that is specifically customized to you and dedicated to your success.  The herbal adaptogens in this supplement will give your body the resources it needs to successfully manage stress and reduce the harmful impacts of stress on your system.  This is why the Amino Diet program is backed by the testimonials of countless satisfied customers.  All you need to do is take the next step on the journey toward better health.

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